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Options for the White Marble Look

While marble has been a popular choice for building and countertops for years, we are seeing some consumers who are choosing some marble look alikes for countertops instead of this natural stone. Many consumers are drawn to the look of marble because of its soft, subtle tones and gentle flowing patterns. It is not wonder, as it has a timeless, elegant look that has been an attraction for hundreds of years, especially in buildings. Marble, although beautiful, does have a few drawbacks that keep some consumers from buying it for countertops. Since marble is a more porous stone, consumers do need to be cautious with spills, as etching, or stains can occur with some marbles, if not wiped up right away. Marble may also be more prone to scratching then some other countertop materials, as it is a softer stone.

If you like the look of marble, but not necessarily the need to be cautious with spills and food prep, you might want to take a look at some “quartz” products that offer some color options that are similar. “Quartz” products are man-made and comprised of a mixture of approximately 93% natural quartz , and high-quality polymer resins, and pigments that are molded into slabs. They offer a surface that is stain and scratch resistant and come in a variety of colors from various manufacturers.

Let’s take a look at some examples

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