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Design Ideas to Make Your Bathroom more Functional

If you’re planning a small bathroom remodel in Tennessee Valley, you can enhance your bathroom design to maximize space and make your bathroom more functional and comfortable. The key to small bathroom design is creating plenty of creative storage space and using design elements that make the room seem more open and spacious. Here are some clever bathroom design ideas that will improve the functionality of your bathroom.

Add Storage Space With Custom Cabinets Many small bathrooms have a significant lack of storage space, and can quickly look cluttered and overwhelmed. You can install custom bathroom cabinets that offer valuable storage space and look elegant and attractive. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets allow you to keep the clutter out of site without taking up valuable floor space. Even if new bathroom cabinets are the only bathroom-remodeling project that you tackle, you will greatly improve your small bathroom design.

Consider a Curved Vanity or Corner Vanity Bathroom vanities can also provide extra storage in their drawers and cabinets, but in a small bathroom, they can also take up valuable space. A curved vanity will take up less space than a rectangular vanity, and it will also look sleek and stylish. A corner vanity is unobtrusive, yet will still add functionality to your bathroom if you include cabinets and drawers in the vanity design. Best of all, unlike pedestal sinks, bathroom vanities also offer countertops, which provide ample room for the toiletries that you use every day. Using natural stone, like granite, quartz, or marble for your vanity countertops will further enhance your bathroom design.

Use Vertical Wall Shelving and Mirrors Vertical wall shelving provides more bathroom storage, and will also draw the eye upwards, making the bathroom seem larger. Strategically placed mirrors will reflect natural light, and make the bathroom seem more open and spacious. When you choose a mirror for your bathroom vanity, choose one that is the same width or slightly wider than the width of your vanity top.

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