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Granite & Quartz Seams

In our showroom, we get often get asked a variety of questions in regards to seams. I can understand why, as most people prefer to have a seam that doesn’t stand out in their countertop. Customers often want to know what the seam will look and if there will be a noticeable gap. They also are often curious how the seams are filled and what steps are taken to get a good looking seam.

Many times, seams are unavoidable due to the size of the countertop, and the size of the slab or piece of stone. At Natural Stone Concepts, if it is determined that a seam is needed, we do our best to make the seam as tight as possible. We use a seam setter along with epoxy to snug each piece of stone together, which works great to produce uniform, tight seams.

When possible, we try and match the flow of the stone, but keep in mind that this is not always possible, depending on the the overall slab layout, the actual slab sizes and the design of the project.

Thanks for reading!

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