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Sink Options

Stainless Steel Sinks

We offer a wide selection of stainless steel sinks.  To see all of the options, we encouge you to stop by one of our showrooms. 

Vanity Sinks

​ From a design standpoint, these humble, hardworking pieces are happy to let other elements in your bathroom shine. If you’ve got a show-stopping tub, some crazy marble or stunning tile work, a steady undermount sink might be the perfect compliment.

Siligranite Sinks

Sinks contain 80% crushed up granite material. Extremely durable, resist heat up to 536 degrees and scratch resist. More than just a coated surface, these sinks are solid material throughout, ensuring color and lasting quality.

Vessel Sinks

These stylish bowl-shaped sinks take your bathroom vanity’s visual interest to the next level. In addition to their good looks, the depth can be a luxury. Very often found in glass, they can keep your bathroom looking current, crisp and clean.

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