We service the following cities in Alabama: Huntsville, Decatur, Athens, Scottsboro, Guntersville, Cullman and Florence.

We service the following cities in Tennessee: Fayetteville, Winchester, Lewisburg, Pulaski, Lawerenceburg.

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Getting Started

Step 1 - Getting a Quote

We can give you an estimate a couple of different ways - you can bring your drawings to our Huntsville or Decatur showroom, you can email (info@nscountertops.com) them to us or one of our representatives can come out to your home.

Bringing or Emailing in Drawings

Start by drawing out your cabinet layout and noting areas that will need the granite or quartz.  Also, notate the areas that will need the granite or quartz backsplash along with sink and cooktop locations. 



​In-Home Estimate

We will be glad to come to your home and take the measurements of your existing countertops and/or new cabinets.  We ask prior to our arrival that you please move or remove any appliance or other items that may be in the way of measuring.  All options will be discussed including: sink type, edge profile, cooktop or slide in stove, etc.  The measuring time is anywhere from 30 mins to an hour.

The material selection is a key part of your quote.  We have to know what colors you are interested in due to each color having a different price point.  (Rule of thumb - the more "exotic" materials will be higher in cost versus a material that has a consistent pattern).   No matter which material you are looking for, we can help!  The customer may choose their slab(s) from those we have in stock or visit one of our supplier warehouses.  Our office will assist you in locating a supplier that carries your color/material choice.  FYI: While the majority of granite has a polished finish, several other finishes (honed, flamed or antiqued) are available.  Each finish provides a distinct look for your project, they are not always suitable for every area.


Step 2 - Selecting Materials
Step 3 - Finalize Contract

Once you have decided to use Natural Stone Countertops a your fabricator you will need to sign a contract. The contract shows in detail the aspects of your project (color, edge, sink, cooktop, backsplash, etc).  A 50% deposit is required in order for your materials to be ordered/released and to give you dates for template and install.

Step 4 - The Work Begins

Templating Visit (approx. 1 to 2 hrs)

Templates are made from existing cabinet bases or new cabinets.

New cabinets must be completely installed and level.

We will need the cooktop, sinks and faucets on the job site when template is made.  If the sink is an undermount style, we need the sink at our shop before any work can begin.

Location for seams and faucet holes are discussed.  The templaters will go over each detail of the job with you, so make sure someone is present on the day of template to answer any questions.  The way the template is made is the way the stone will be cut.

Installation Visit (approx. 2 to 6 hrs)

Sink cabinets and cooktop cabinets must be completely cleaned out.

Undermount sink(s) will be mounted to the countertop.  Additionally, drop-in sink(s) and the cooktop (if applicable) will be set in place to verify fit.

Disconnection and reconnection of all plumbing, ventilation ductwork and fuel lines is the responsibility of the owner and/or contractor.​